I published a post recently called Divi, Extra, a universal Builder, a new fluid grid and the Divi Builder plugin.
I know the title is a bit of a mouthful, but basically the post charted the evolution of the Extra Magazine theme and how along the way, what started as two themes (Divi and Extra), each with their own distinct Builders, has ended with two themes sharing a common universal Builder.

Elegant Themes has told us that their anticipated sequence for issue of updates, themes and plugins is:

  • A reconfigured Divi Builder that is more flexible and sits at the core of Divi, Extra and future “Builder framework” themes.
  • A Divi Builder plugin that can be used anywhere and with any theme.
  • The release of Extra, including the Divi Builder and an expansion of its features.

The idea is that in the future there will be no compatibility issues between themes and content, only a single “Builder framework” extended by the themes it powers and/or Module extensions.

With the release of Divi 2.4, containing most of the work done on the Divi Builder Plugin to date, and a callout from Elegant Themes about the imminent release of the Divi Builder Plugin I thought that this might be a good time for an update on the progress of the various Builder related products..

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What exactly is the Divi Builder plugin?

First of all it’s a WordPress plugin, which you install and activate via your WordPress dashboard like any other WordPress plugin.

The plugin will allow you to use the Divi Builder with any theme, and it will also make it easy to migrate posts and pages built with any theme powered by the Divi Builder. That means that being tied into a theme will become a thing of the past.

If you’ve built lots and lots of pages and posts using Divi, and you decide to move to a new theme, all you have to do is install the Divi Builder plugin and everything will continue to work seamlessly.

If you’re using a non Divi theme, but you want more flexibility and control when building your pages, installing the Divi Builder Plugin will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

divi builder plugin will soon be available

Will I have to add the Divi Builder plugin to my Divi site?

No you won’t, the Divi Theme has the Divi Builder packaged with it, as will Elegant Themes’ future multi-purpose themes.

When you use Divi or any theme powered by the Divi Builder, you won’t need to install any additional plugins.

The Divi Builder Plugin will of course also be available as a separate plugin, which will work in just about any situation.

Sounds good to me… when will it be available?

Elegant Themes tell us that most of the work on the Divi Builder Plugin has already been included in Divi 2.4 and that Nick Roach and his team are currently focused on resolving any teething problems with Divi 2.4 and helping customers make the transition.

Once that process is complete, they will finalise the work on the Divi Builder Plugin and make it available as a standalone plugin.

Add the power and flexibility of Divi and the Divi Builder plugin to your site

It looks to me as though Elegant Themes are right on track with their Divi / Divi Builder plugin / Extra timetable.

Divi 2.4 has already been released containing most of the work done on the Divi Builder Plugin, the Divi Builder plugin will be with us once any problems with Divi 2.4 have been ironed out and after that the theme we’ve all been waiting for will be released… the Extra Magazine theme.

If you’d like to join the Divi community and start using the Divi theme, then sign up with Elegant Themes and download your copy of Divi today.

And if you’d like to add flexibility and control to your theme using the Divi Builder plugin, then subscribe to my mailing list (you’ll see a subscribe form as you exit) and I’ll get out a post as soon as it’s available.

Nick, thanks for letting know about Divi Builder’s future. It will unlock so many possibilities when it comes using it with other more specialised and specific themes. You and your team have done some terrific work over the past year!
Timur – Elegant Themes blog post

I hope that you enjoyed the post and that it gave you an insight into the direction that Elegant Themes are heading with their Builder related products and also gave you an indication of timescale.

if you have any thoughts about Divi 2.4, the Divi Builder plugin or the Extra Magazine theme, then please leave a comment and if you’d like to spread the word about this fabulous Drag and Drop theme and associated plugin, please use my social sharing icons below.

My thanks and gratitude to Elegant Themes for the graphics and details of the Divi Builder plugin used in this post.

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