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Creative Elegance. You know it when you see it.

You may not be able to define it but we all know good design when we see it. We recognise it and we react to it instinctively.

Graphics, fonts, colour combinations and whitespace combine to create a simplicity and lack of clutter that can only be described as creative elegance.

The Divi Builder plugin won’t turn you into a graphic designer overnight, but it will provide you with an intuitive drag and drop interface that will allow you to manage layout, graphics, fonts, colours, margins and padding and a whole lot more, all with just a few mouse clicks.

And don’t think that the Builder is all about form, it also does pretty well when it comes to function. With more than forty content Modules to choose from you can add just about any functionality to your site that you can think of.

Until now the drag and drop interface of the Divi Builder has only been available to Divi theme users, but with the release of the Divi Builder as a plugin, it’s now available to all WordPress users, whatever theme you use.

Graphics, fonts and whitespace in perfect harmony

divi builder plugin graphics

Stunning graphics

We all know about the power of imagery to grab and hold attention and the Divi Builder makes it easy to display your graphics anywhere on your pages and posts in interesting and eye catching ways.

The Image Module: is the basic tool that you use to add images. It allows you to add images to any column… and the image size is automatically adjusted to fit.

The Image Gallery Module: allows you to quickly and easily create a gallery of images and display them anywhere on your page in either grid or slider format.

The Slider Module: sliders can be placed anywhere and they span the full width of the column they are placed in. Divi Builder sliders also support parallax and video backgrounds

divi builder plugin fonts

Coordinated fonts

Good typography is not just about picking the right fonts, it’s about picking font combinations that work together and compliment each other.

The Divi Builder plugin allows you to choose from over eighty pre-packaged unique fonts so you can find the right fonts and font combinations to define and enhance your website’s character.

Through the Builders Advanced Design Settings you can also choose font size, colour, background colour, letter spacing and line height and you can do that for each section of your site.

divi builder plugin whitespace

Relaxing whitespace

Whitespace separates and balances text and graphics, it removes clutter, creates a sense of relaxation and allows your content to breathe.

It’s the satin backcloth that allows you to display your visual gems.

The Divi builder allows you to control every aspect of your site’s whitespace using margins, padding and gutters.

But don’t worry you don’t have to know any of that nasty CSS, it’s all done in the Builder’s interface.

Just fill in the values for margins, padding and gutters, hit the save button and the whitespace appears as if by magic.

“ Like all magnificent things, it's very simple. ”

Natalie Babbitt

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Clare Boothe Luce

“Size and elaboration are often mistaken for importance.”

Stephen L. Carter

Proportion, style and elegance are timeless

Breathe new life into your WordPress theme with the Divi Builder plugin
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Why your website needs the Divi Builder plugin

The Divi Builder is a Page Builder plugin that you upload and activate just like any other WordPress plugin. It’s compatible with any WordPress theme and it allows you to create stunning feature rich pages and posts via a simple drag and drop interface without touching a single line of code.

If you’ve ever been frustrated because your creative ideas have overtaken your coding skills, then the Divi Builder’s non coding solution is the answer you’ve been looking for. No more frustration, no more settling for second best and no more paying out expensive developers fees.

Getting started with the Divi Builder plugin couldn’t be easier. It comes with 30+ Premade Layouts, which you can use as the starting point for your own pages. To build a new page, pick one of the pre-made layouts, rearrange the layout, add your own graphics and text and you’re all done.

The Divi Builder allows you to save Modules, Rows, Sections or even complete Layouts, to your Divi Library for future use. This allows you to create sets of your own highly customised layouts and re-use them when you start new projects. You can also export and import your Divi Library from one website to another.

divi builder plugin no coding required

Absolutely no coding required

The Divi Builder is a state of the art drag and drop page builder that works with all WordPress themes. Everything on your page can be arranged visually using the easy-to-use Builder interface.

All you have to do is add new content blocks, arrange them in your desired order and add your content. Absolutely no coding skills required.

divi builder plugin customise anything

Customise anything

Everything built with the Divi Builder is completely customisable. Using the Builder’s Advanced Design Settings, you can adjust your element’s colour, size, spacing, fonts, and more.

You can also control background images and colours, margins, padding and gutters – there are controls for everything you could ever need.

divi builder plugin 40 plus content modules

40+ Content Modules

The Builder has three main building blocks: Sections, Rows and Modules. Modules allow you to add content and functionality to your website. Every Module will fit into any Column width and they are all fully responsive.

There are over 40 content Modules including: images, sliders, contact forms, testimonials, call to action, toggles and tabs and much more.

divi builder plugin fluid and responsive

100% fluid and responsive

Whatever content you build with the Divi Builder, it needs to work on any theme and on any device. So Nick Roach and his team over at Elegant Themes have made everything completely fluid and responsive.

That means that your layouts will not only adapt to different devices, but also to different content widths within whatever theme you are using.

New meets old and the result is stunning

Imagine what you could create with the Divi Builder plugin

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