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Free Divi Layout Packs – the perfect way to have your website up and running with just a few mouse clicks

Free Divi Layout Packs are like a dream come true. You want a website, you want it quickly, you want it at a competitive price and you want it to look like a million dollars.

Enter Elegant Themes with the Divi theme and their Free Layout Packs, which can be installed with just a few mouse clicks.

The packs are not just individual page templates, they are complete websites designed by Divi’s design director Kenny Sing and his team and they include: home pages, landing pages, about us pages, contact pages, and more.

#01 - Restaurant Layout Pack

This restaurant layout pack is designed to provide everything the average restaurant will need out of the box. Particularly the all important “hours of operation” information in the footer of every page. There is also a button in the hero section of the home page and the landing page for making a reservation, though you’ll need to install a booking plugin of your own to make that work.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#02 - Agency Business Layout Pack

This business layout pack is designed to provide everything the average business will need out of the box. You will find contact info and a contact form at the footer of every page. The portfolio page and the pricing page (including an FAQ) are both great additions. The landing page includes a fullscreen header with a double CTA along with all those useful elements like featured case studies, a pricing table, an email optin, and testimonials.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#03 - Learning Management Pack

This layout pack provides you will all of the necessary page layouts for any e-course website. It includes an excellent marketing page to promote your course(s). The courses page displays each course along with its brief description in well designed grid layout, perfect for listing any amount of courses. The CTA at the bottom of each page is also a really smart addition. Layouts In This Pack (9)

#04 - Design Agency Layout Pack

This design agency layout pack will provide your visitors will all the information they need. It’ll also give you the possibility to showcase the most valuable things about your design agency in style.
Layouts In This Pack (9)

#05 - Fashion Layout Pack

One of my favorite things about this layout is it’s flexibility. Changing the color scheme of the site would be really easy since all of the content areas have a white background. This makes it all the more flexible for your branding needs. I can see this being used by bloggers, small businesses, photographers, you name it.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#06 - Coffee Shop Layout Pack

This eight-page coffee shop layout pack has everything you could possibly expect from a coffee shop website. Primarily; all of the practical information is continuously present on each layout of the website.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#07 - Farmers Market Layout Pack

While there is a lot to like in this layout pack, we want to draw special attention to two pages: the Events page and the Donate page. For any farmers market (or other non-profit) these pages will be essential to the health and ongoing success of the organization.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#08 - Yoga Studio Layout Pack

This yoga layout pack has everything a yoga studio could possibly need on their website. Besides having a niche-oriented landing page and home page, the yoga layout pack also offers a unique and attractive classes page that will help your existing students and potential students follow the schedule of your classes on either desktop, tablet or phone.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

The Divi Design Initiative and Divi Design Initiative 2.0 – World Class Divi Layouts and Original Photos for Free, Every Week!

These free Divi layouts are part of Elegant Themes’ Divi Design Initiative.

The Design Initiative is a new design department at Elegant Themes and their goal is:

“To create unique world-class Divi Layouts with original photos and to release a Layout Pack for free to the Divi community every single week.”

The Divi Design Initiative 2.0 is even better, because it releases two free Divi Layout Packs every week!

#09 - Wedding Layout Pack

This Wedding Website Layout Pack is the perfect way to jumpstart your next wedding website. These days, everyone who gets married needs a website, and they expect a very specific aesthetic and some very specific features. This website pack has it all! Included are fully designed pages for: home, about, contact, blog, gallery and details.
Layouts In This Pack (6)

#10 - Travel Agency Layout Pack

Overall this layout is designed to look amazing out of the box. One standout feature in this layout pack is the CTA in the Footer on the Homepage. The use of parallax with those striking images are a beautiful combination. A similar effect can be found at the top of the about page.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#11 - Photo Marketplace Layout Pack

This Photo Marketplace layout pack is designed to provide everything an average online Photo Marketplace will need out of the box. I absolutely love the Call to Actions (CTA’s) throughout this layout. You can tell some thought went into making them less cookie cutter and actually useful. This may not be a huge benefit for some, but I appreciate the actual copy used for the CTA’s throughout the layout. This makes it easier for users to tweak and make their own. I also admire the way images remain the highlight of the design throughout. The light backgrounds and simple layouts keep things super clean and non-distracting to viewers.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#12 - Copywriter Layout Pack

This copywriter layout pack is designed to provide you with all the necessary designs, layouts and elements your website needs. Besides having 9 unique and elaborated pages that’ll help you attract new clients in an effortless way, the copywriter layout pack also provides you with high-quality images which you can use for free and for all kinds of purposes. On top of that, the layouts within this layout pack are well-thought-out and help you save time while creating your next copywriter website.
Layouts In This Pack (9)

#13 - Florist Layout Pack

This layout pack is definitely designed with florists in mind. The floral images used throughout (especially for header backgrounds) are purposeful and beautiful. The landing page in particular is extremely useful to any florist out of the box by including sections for seasonal items, discounts, and even a contact form for special bouquets!
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#14 - SaaS Company Layout Pack

This SaaS layout pack is designed to get your SaaS website up and running in no time. With seven stunning and elaborated layouts, your website will contain all the pages it needs with the necessary information which you can adjust to your own needs.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#15 - Web Agency Layout Pack

This layout pack includes some important “must haves” for a Web Agency, including a pricing page, a services page, and a portfolio page. The design is tastefully colorful and clean throughout. The background images stage the content in creative and effective ways. I particularly love the CTA on the Services page.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#16 - Interior Design Layout Pack

This interior design layout pack represents the core values of each interior design company out there; style and expertise. With eight elaborated layouts that contain stunning and unique images, this layout pack is ready to bring your interior design website to the next level. Each one of the layouts is a combination of some of Divi’s most desirable built-in options and look great on desktop, as well as on tablet and mobile.
Layouts In This Pack (8)
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The entire collection of awesome Divi Layout Packs can be browsed and searched from inside the Divi Builder using the Divi Layout Manager.

Load your favourite design and jump-start your website with a single click!

#17 - Digital Payments Layout Pack

This Digital Payments layout pack is designed to provide all the necessary pages to get an online digital payment company up and running in no time. Some of the key pages include a Signup page and a features page that provides an exceptional framework for showcasing all features associated with the product.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#18 - Pottery Studio Layout Pack

This Pottery Studio layout pack is perfect for any Pottery business looking to expand their services. The Classes and Class page layouts will provide what you need to start marketing and selling Pottery classes online. The design is both familiar and unique. The testimonials standout nicely and the high quality photos used are as beautiful as they are professional.
Layouts In This Pack (9)

#19 - SEO Agency Layout Pack

This SEO layout pack follows, design-wise, many trends that evolved in 2017 and will keep existing and growing in 2018. One of the biggest assets this layout pack has are the section backgrounds that bring vibrant colors to whatever type of website you might be creating with this layout pack.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#20 - Simple Site Layout Pack

This simple layout pack is great for kickstarting your website design with layouts driven by Divi’s default styling. This generic pack includes over a dozen layouts from a Homepage all the way to a Maintenance Mode page. If you’re looking for simple wireframe style layouts, these are a great place to start.
Layouts In This Pack (15)

#21 - Business Consultant Layout Pack

This Business Consultant layout pack is just what a consultant needs to market their services online. The landing page is beautiful. The services page has unique design features that make your services stand out. And the Case Study page layout has been thoughtfully designed to give the user just what they need. The overlapping technique used throughout makes those CTA’s really pop. Enjoy.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#22 - Juice Shop Layout pack

The Juice Shop layout pack includes eight pages, each with a wonderful combination of vibrant colors and crisp images. The design goes above and beyond the needs of anyone looking to revamp their online juice store, including a shop page, a menu page, a recipes page, and even a cleanses page to showcase juice cleansing membership packages.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#23 - Software Marketing Layout Pack

The software marketing layout pack can be used for any type of website related to tech. The appealing illustrations that are included elevate the professionality level of your website and improve your company’s branding. With its 9 different layouts, this software marketing layout pack allows you to build a software marketing website from scratch and finish it with just a few steps.
Layouts In This Pack (9)

#24 - Babysitter Layout Pack

The Babysitter Layout Pack contains eight different and unique layouts. On top of that, it has a ton of icons and illustrations included that match the color palette of the layout pack perfectly (and which you can use without any restrictions). You can also find beautiful section dividers within each layout that make your website look sophisticated yet simple at the same time.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

Layout Pack Categories – from Art & Design to Technology and all categories in between!

These Layout Packs cover just about any category that you can think of including: Art & Design, Business, Community & Non-Profit, Education, Events, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Online Store, Services, Simple and Technology.

And don’t worry if the category you want isn’t included, just find a template that suits your layout and modify it for your own needs.

#25 - Design Conference Layout Pack

This Design Conference layout pack offers an engaging way to showcase all of your conference information. The graphics really make the headers stand out without being distracting. The landing page has a unique numbered list of conference features, including featured talks and speakers as well. Any conference site would benefit from those important speaker and schedule pages included as well.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#26 - Food Recipes Layout Pack

This food recipes layout pack allows you to focus on what’s really important which is the tasty recipes you’ve worked on so passionately. The different layouts that come with this layout pack fulfill every communication need you have. The recipe page sets your creativity free by providing you with all the elements you need to present your recipes elegantly and effectively. You can reuse the recipe layout for every new recipe that comes out. The only thing you’ll need to do is change the steps, media and copy according to your new recipe. And with the Visual Builder close within reach, this will take you almost no time.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#27 - Marathon Layout Pack

This Marathon layout pack is perfect for a marathon website. The design is clean and the colors are bright, making the content more accessible. The landing page is beautifully designed with some special elements including a countdown timer for the event and a registration CTA. The Info page is also a smart addition and there is even an App page to market your race app!
Layouts In This Pack (9)

#28 - Cosmetics Shop Layout Pack

The Cosmetics Shop Layout Pack contains seven unique layouts that will help you build an online store for your cosmetics shop in just a matter of time. There’s a dedicated shop layout present, and to help put your special deals in the spotlight, there’s a sale layout included as well that’ll undeniably draw your visitors’ attention. With its stunning color palette, high-quality imagery and exquisite Divi design combinations, this layout pack will help you set up a cosmetics store that is results-oriented and stunning at the same time.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#29 - Tea Shop Layout Pack

This Tea Shop layout pack will definitely take any online tea shop to the next level. The design is refreshingly clean with a modern use of subtle textured backgrounds coupled with a classic font that gives the site a prestigious feel. And the photography is absolutely delightful, bringing the user almost close enough to smell the aroma.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#30 - Boutique Layout Pack

The 7-page boutique layout pack makes your boutique website stand out thanks to its slick, modern and vintage design. Each one of the included layouts focuses on sharing the right content, the right visuals and the right CTAs. This allows your visitors to quickly find exactly what they need and become loyal customers in just a matter of time.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#31 - Auto Repair Layout Pack

The 8-page auto repair layout pack most puts the spotlight on the services you offer. With both an elaborated service and services layout within reach, you can target your potential leads in an easy, clear and direct way. On top of that, the high-quality images help you tell your company’s story in a professional and elegant manner.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#32 - Architecture Firm Layout Pack

The Architecture Firm Layout Pack’s design represents the line of business perfectly. There’s a seamless style combination of sobriety, mysteriousness and elegance. And with free high-quality images within reach, your highly-professional and visually-appealing architecture firm website will be up and running in no time.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

Complete Websites – these Free Divi Layout packs are not just individual page templates, they are complete websites

Divi layouts are not just single page layouts, they are complete website packs with each pack containing 7 to 8 individually-designed pages.

The layouts in each pack are for pages that are commonly required for that particular type of website.
The fashion site layout pack for example contains layouts for: Fashion Landing Page, Fashion Home Page, Fashion About Page, Fashion Designer Page, Fashion Gallery Page, Fashion Shop Page, Fashion Blog Page, and Fashion Contact Page.

The packs are designed in a unique and cohesive style that you can modify to suit your own style and requirements. All you have to do is import the design, make any style changes and add your own content.

#33 - Real Estate Layout Pack

The Real Estate Layout pack is fresh and inviting, perfect for showcasing property listings. The color scheme works with the light background to make images standout. The header on the homepage is especially unique, the dual CTA’s. Perfect for any real estate company or agent!
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#34 - Law Firm Layout Pack

This Law Firm layout pack is a smart solution for promoting your law firm online. The organization of pertinant content makes it easily adaptable. The layout sections are shifted throughout to expose additional color blocks which is a unique and subtle design touch. And the photos used throughout are beautiful and work well with any gradient overlay needed to match a particular brand.
Layouts In This Pack (7

#35 - Author Layout Pack

The author layout pack has everything you need to showcase your work in a professional and stunning way. Besides that, there’s also a shop page included that allows you to directly generate sales on your website. There’s a nice balance between showcasing the different books and putting the author in the spotlight as well.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#36 - Handyman Layout Pack

The Handyman Layout Pack is perfect for small businesses that want to set up a website that matches the industry they’re in. The 7 included layouts are solution-oriented and focus on offering visitors a quick and pleasant experience on your website. With both a service and services layout within reach, you can entirely focus on the services you offer.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#37 - Jeweller Layout Pack

The Jeweller Layout Pack’s 7 elegant layouts, high-quality images and beautiful illustrations make the layout pack an excellent choice to create a jeweller’s website from scratch. The use of soft colours and elegant font families give visitors a luxurious and refined feeling that perfectly represent the quality that’s expected from a skilled and respectable jeweller.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#38 - Doctor's Office Layout Pack

The Doctor’s Office Layout Pack is both professional and clean (something we all love in a doctor’s office). This pack has 8 different pages designed to deliver information clearly and proficiently. The FAQ page keeps information tidy with an effective use of toggles. The services page is primed for showcasing your medical services with custom icons. And the single service page is a great bonus.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#39 - Travel Blog Layout Pack

Some of the unique features include images with overlapping social icons, featured posts with unique links and a special trip page layout designed to tell your story in an elegant way. The blog page is fullwidth with large featured images that work well for a travel blog. And the Noto Serif font choice fits really well with the overall design.
Layouts In This Pack (6)

#40 - Job Recruiter Layout Pack

The Job Recruiter Layout Pack is designed to impress. All eight pages feature astounding typography design elements, custom graphics, and striking color combos. The pack has everything needed to facilitate the demands of any job recruiter site, including an employers page, a listings page, and a candidates page. Check it out!
Layouts In This Pack (8)
These Layout Packs Contain all the latest Divi features including Drop Shadows and Section Dividers
These Layout Packs use all the latest Divi features including: background gradients, background images, text shadows, image shadows, section dividers, negative margins and awesome rollover effects.

Kenny Sing and his design team, over at Elegant Themes, also combine Divi’s features in creative and imaginative ways to produce some truly amazing effects.
Taking a look at how these layouts are created is a great way to learn how to use Divi.

#41 - Digital Marketing Layout Pack

The Digital Marketing Layout Pack contains 8 different and unique layouts that’ll catch your visitors’ attention right away. The use of vibrant colours and abstract shapes will give your website a modern and trendy feeling. This layout pack is perfect for sharing readable and clear content without having to sacrifice beautiful web design.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#42 - Animal Shelter Layout Pack

The Animal Shelter Layout Pack has eight layouts, each with an alluring combination of warm colours and heart-stirring images. It includes all the necessities an animal shelter may need, including featured animals, adoption info, events, and clear calls to action. The Listings page is organized efficiently with all kinds of info. And the Get Involved page clearly walks the user through the process.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#43 - Elementary School Layout Pack

The Elementary School Layout Pack contains everything you need to set up a trendy and playful elementary school website. With its 7 unique layouts, bright color palette, playful choice of font families and professional look, the Elementary School Layout Pack will help attract both students and parents on your website.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#44 - Cryptocurrency Layout Pack

This Cyptocurrency Layout Pack has 7 pages each with a grand design that can accommodate a wide range of services in the cryptocurrency niche like consulting, membership courses, and more. Each layout features knock-out headers, rich custom graphics, and warm glow effects guaranteed to impress.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#45 - Life Coach Layout Pack

The Life Coach Layout Pack contains 6 different layouts and everything you need to set up a website that empowers your business. The design elements in this layout pack are both professional and gorgeous. Within each one of the layouts, you can find a stunning diagonal structure that’ll amaze your visitors and prospects.
Layouts in this Pack (6)

#46 - Locksmith Layout Pack

The Locksmith Layout Pack is perfect for any website in the service industry. It has 7 different pages including three layouts dedicated to showcasing services. The design is both professional and welcoming. And the landing page has clear calls to action with accessible contact information throughout which is perfect for a locksmith company.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#47 - Wedding Planner Layout Pack

Surprise your clients and visitors with the Wedding Planner Layout Pack’s stunning color palette and relevant, high-quality images. This layout pack allows you to create an elegant website while getting the best out of Divi’s built-in options. You can choose between 7 layouts that are each stunning, unique and designed to catch your visitor’s attention.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#48 - Car Dealer Layout Pack

Get ready car dealers! This shiny new Car Dealer Layout Pack has 7 pages including a financing page and a listings page which are key necessities for any car dealer site. The landing page is thoughtfully designed, leading the user to view inventories of new and used cars and info on financing. And the professional layout of the listings page is superb.
Layouts In This Pack (7)
Here are your Free Divi Layout Pack Numbers 49 to 56

#49 - Graphic Illustrator Layout Pack

There’s no better way to create a graphic illustrator website than by using illustrations throughout your website in a creative and professional way. That’s exactly what this Graphic Illustrator Layout Pack does. With 7 clean layouts within reach, your website will be up and running in no time–ready to convince visitors of your skills and expertise.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#50 - Pharmacy Layout Pack

The Pharmacy Layout Pack is perfect for any pharmacy looking to open a shop online. Among the six different pages included, you will enjoy a well-defined services page and a shop page packed with promotional goodies. And you’re going to love the striking calls to action throughout. This layout pack is sure to get your pharmacy online with speed and style.
Layouts In This Pack (6)

#51 - IT Services Layout Pack

If you’re looking to create a professional IT services website, the IT Services Layout Pack will surely meet your expectations. With its 7 unique layouts, stunning icons and advanced built-in settings, you can set up your website in no time. This layout pack primarily focuses on a pleasant user experience and highlighting your services in a consistent and easily comprehensible way.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#52 - Car Rental Layout Pack

The Car Rental Layout Pack has everything you need to get a Car Rental website up in no time. The 7 unique page layouts are strategically designed, making it easy for visitors to quickly find and reserve the vehicle they need. The vehicle listings are clean and professional. And you are going to love the vehicle registration forms and featured offers throughout.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#53 - Accountant Layout Pack

The Accountant Layout Pack combines a stunning color palette with a clean and sober design style that will amaze your target audience. With 8 available layouts, including an FAQ and resources layout, you can provide great user experience and turn visitors into leads in just a matter of time.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#54 - Insurance Agency Layout Pack

This Insurance Agency Layout pack is perfect for any agency looking to promote their insurance services online. It has seven different page layouts packed with beautiful and engaging graphics and icons. The landing page is built to impress as well as to inform. And the services page showcases each service with elegance. This pack accommodates a wide range of needs for any Insurance Agency.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#55 - Meetup Layout Pack

The Meetup Layout Pack has 7 different layouts that are made to help you build a gorgeous meetup website that effortlessly connects you with both sponsors and attendees. With a stunning color palette and multiple backgrounds within reach, you can easily attract and retain visitors on your website.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#56 - Construction Company Layout Pack

This layout pack is for companies in the construction business looking to display the services they offer and the work that they’ve done.

Layouts In This Pack (9)

Here are your Free Divi Layout Pack Numbers 57 to 64

#57 - Moving Company Layout Pack

The Moving Company Layout Pack should become one of your go-to layout packs to create websites for small businesses. The color palette is stunning, the free images are impressive and the overall look and feel of the layout pack is highly-professional and service-focused. In short, an all-in-one layout pack that’ll amaze your visitors!
Layouts In This Pack (9)

#58 - Therapist Layout Pack

The Therapist Layout Pack is built to offer a beautiful and comforting web presence to anyone looking for your therapy services online. With all the page layouts available, a licensed therapist can easily showcase credentials, faq’s, areas of service, contact info and more. And the landing page will be a useful tool for driving visitors to book an appointment.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#59 - Carpenter Layout Pack

The Carpenter Layout Pack focuses on making written content appealing to the eye. Each one of the pages contains high-quality images which you can use without any restrictions and by simply changing the content into your own, you can have a carpenter website up and running in no time.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#60 - Business Coach Layout Pack

The Business Coach Layout Pack, complete with an events page and a services page, is a great fit for business coaches ready to book speaking engagements (or workshops) and promote their publications. You are going to love the professional design and flexibility of this layout pack.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#61 - Transportation Services Layout Pack

Ready to take your website to the next level? The Transportation Services Layout Pack is an excellent choice if you want to get a website up and running in no time. The combination of user-friendly page structures and stunning background textures makes this layout pack your next go-to when creating websites for small businesses.
Layouts In This Pack (6)

#62 - Language School Layout Pack

Get your visitors excited to Learn! This Language School Layout pack is anything but dull. With enticing graphics and colorful layouts, you are going to enjoy presenting your online courses with this layout pack. In addition to a full landing page, the course pages are also packed with all the elements you need to get your language course online.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#63 - Food Catering Layout Pack

Looking for a layout pack that’ll take your food catering website to a higher level? Divi’s Food Catering will provide you with all the pages and design elements you would expect from a high-quality layout pack. The biggest assets of this layout pack are, without a doubt, the free images and icons that are included.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#64 - Electrician Layout Pack

Outshine the competition with a layout pack that has everything you need for your electrical company website. With cutting-edge design and practical page layouts, you can easily promote your electrical services and showcase projects with elegance. And each page is optimized to make it easy for visitors to contact your company for business.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

Here are your Free Divi Layout Pack Numbers 65 to 72

#65 - Gardener Layout Pack

Looking for a layout pack that emphasizes your love for nature? The Garden Layout Pack does exactly what you’d expect. The clean and user-friendly design style will convince visitors to get in touch quickly. And with many custom icons (in different colors) and high-quality images within reach, you’ll be able to get a beautiful gardener website up and running instantaneously.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#66 - Hosting Company Layout Pack

Offer your web hosting services online with style with this vibrant hosting company layout pack. The custom graphics and icons are beautifully crafted to illustrate a wide range of hosting features. It even has sections to help sell domains and feature hosting pricing plans. And with all the pages included, you can easily have a hosting website up and running with everything you need an more.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#67 - Cleaning Company Layout Pack

The Cleaning Company Layout Pack is all about emphasizing the services your company offers. Besides having relevant high-quality images at your disposal, there’s also a vibrant color palette present. Be ready to expect a stunning design style that’ll represent your cleaning company in a professional and modern way while exploring this layout pack!
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#68 - Plant Nursery Layout Pack

There are few layout packs with design as fresh and lively as the Plant Nursery Layout Pack. And with dedicated pages for showcasing plant services and selling products, you will have no problem launching a brand new plant nursery site in record time.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#69 - Makeup Artist Layout Pack

Be ready to build beautiful websites with the brand new Makeup Artist Layout Pack. This layout pack is perfect for any kind of beauty, health or skin care website. The modern design style, the multiple layouts and high-quality images that are included will make it seamless to attract new customers in no time.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#70 - Bed and Breakfast Layout Pack

Like any great bed and breakfast, this layout pack is both luxurious and organized with all the necessities. With clean and modern design, everything is laid out its proper place. Feature your rooms and suites with all their features and accommodations. Invite visitors to book a room. Let your visitors take a tour of your rooms with a combination of video and images. And more!
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#71 - Political Candidate Layout Pack

The Political Candidate Layout Pack will undeniably help you create a trustworthy and professional website in no time. The main focus of this layout pack is to share relevant information in an eye-catching way. Visions, issues and the candidate’s profile are centralized and will help you make a great impression on visitors.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#72 - Web Freelancer Layout Pack

It’s hard to imagine a layout pack better fit for web freelancers. This robust Web Freelancer Layout Pack has it all, and more! The design takes your breath away with beautiful imagery and refreshing attention to detail. And you can’t beat the marketing power this pack provides. Land free quote submissions by showing off portfolios, detailed case studies, web projects, and all your web services.
Layouts In This Pack (9)

Here are your Free Divi Layout Pack Numbers 73 to 80

#73 - Notary Public Layout Pack

The illustrations of this layout pack in combination with Divi’s built-in options is what makes this layout pack unique and a pleasure to use when building professional websites for notaries public. The illustrations are specific enough to create a customized notary public website but general enough to use them for other kinds of business websites as well.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#74 - Dentist Layout Pack

This Dentist layout pack features some nice design techniques using rounded borders and box shadows to frame the content nicely. And it uses negative space in a way that makes each page easy on the eyes. The Services page and Service page are an essential bonus for the dental industry, as well a contact page that organizes information in a professional manner.
Layouts In This Pack (6)

#75 - Nutritionist Layout Pack

This versatile Nutritionist Layout Pack is tailor made for nutritionist professionals and food coaches looking to promote their products and services in a variety of ways. The pages include areas for specialized coaching services, featured recipes, online resources, and much more. And the custom images, graphics, icons, and colors work together beautifully for a streamlined professional design.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#76 - Funeral Home Layout Pack

The Funeral Home Layout Pack delivers a professional layout for all of the different services a funeral home may provide. And with all the pages included, you can walk users through the process of making arrangements, feature a wide variety of services, and even showcase obituaries. And the high quality of images and design elements bring a warm and welcoming first impression to visitors.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#77 - Soccer Club Layout Pack

Setting up a website with the Soccer Club Layout Pack is a real pleasure. With all pages, images and page structures being thought out for you, the only remaining step is personalizing the website to your own soccer club. The Divi settings that were used to build this layout pack are a perfect mix between playful and professional–exactly what you’d expect from a soccer club website.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#78 - Personal Trainer Layout Pack

The Personal Trainer Layout Pack is powerful in design and practicality. The large font with glowing shadows really grab your attention. All of the pages are specially crafted for personal trainers seeking to promote their services and memberships online. And with dedicated pages for class listings, the pack really has everything needed to get a beautiful site online in no time.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#79 - Driving School Layout Pack

Ready to take the new Driving School Layout Pack for a spin? Creating stunning driving school websites is easier than ever with this layout pack. Not only does it contain free high-quality images, but it also combines some of Divi’s finest built-in design settings with a vibrant color palette.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#80 - Church Layout Pack

Give churches the online presence they deserves with this Layout Pack. The design elements are subtle, elegant, and warming to visitors so as not to distract from the important information throughout. And the page layouts are catered toward the needs of any Church looking to minister to members and connect with new visitors.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

Here are your Free Divi Layout Pack Numbers 81 to 88

#81 - Plumber Layout Pack

The Plumber Layout Pack will amaze both you and your visitors with its customized and unique illustrations that’ll make your website look highly professional at all times. On top of that, the clear page structures and CTAs are enhanced by some of Divi’s finest built-in design settings–leaving you with just some small tweaks to finish creating an entire plumber website.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#82 - Fitness Gym Layout Pack

The Fitness Gym Layout Pack delivers powerful design and content features that will excite any gym owner. The pack includes pages for promoting your gym memberships, classes, programs, pricing packages, and more. And the spacious grid layout for the content really allows the background images and beautiful title displays to work their magic. Take it for a spin!
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#83 - Podcast Layout Pack

Get ready to create stunning podcast websites from A to Z with Divi’s new Podcast Layout Pack! The color palette and background images used for this layout pack give it an overall mysterious and exciting vibe which your visitors and listeners will love! Apart from that, you can also find two different episode pages which you can alternate between.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#84 - Preschool Daycare Layout Pack

The Daycare Layout Pack has that perfect blend of professionalism and playfulness that every day care website hopes to find. The colors and images are welcoming and the information is accessible and uncluttered. There are pages for featuring all of your program offers, curriculums, pricing, application forms, and much more. It is a powerful layout for any daycare company. Take it for a spin!
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#85 - Laundry Service Layout Pack

The Laundry Service Layout Pack offers you the ability to create an entertaining and engaging laundry service website that looks professional as well. The color palette is stunning and the creative use of Divi’s built-in options have allowed several unique sections to fall into place.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#86 - Charity Layout Pack

Layouts In This Pack (7)

#87 - Bank Layout Pack

The Bank Layout Pack provides you with everything you need to set up a stunning and professional banking website with Divi. And at the same time, the layout pack’s beautiful page structures and modern look and feel allow you to create various other kinds of websites in no time as well.
Layouts In This Pack (8)

#88 - Suit Tailor Layout Pack

Layouts In This Pack (7)

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#89 - Digital Product Layout Pack

The Digital Product Layout Pack that will knock your digital socks off. In addition to having everything you need to showcase your awesome product, the pack has a documentation page that will definitely come in handy. The color scheme and design fits the tech industry perfectly and the custom graphics are amazing assets as well. Check it out!
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#90 - Internet Service Provider Layout Pack

The Internet Service Provider Layout Pack will immediately give you the tech vibe you’d expect from it. Every layout focuses on making calls to action stand out while offering an eye-catching design as well. In short, the Internet Service Provider Layout Pack will help you get a stunning and modern website up and running in no time!
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#91 - Painting Service Layout Pack

Layouts In This Pack (7)

#92 - Technology News Layout Pack

The Technology News Layout Pack is the ideal layout pack to share valuable content with visitors. You have two unique post layouts at your disposal and although they’re initially made to share technology news, this layout pack can also help you get any kind of blog or news website up and running in no time.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#93 - Environmental Nonprofit Layout Pack

The Environmental Nonprofit Layout Pack is a brilliant solution for any nonprofit looking to impact the online world. The pack is beautifully designed with all the essentials, including clear calls to action for making donations, exploring issues, and attending events. Tell your story and change the world with this versatile layout pack that is built to educate and engage the multitudes for change.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#94 - Butcher Layout Pack

The Butcher Layout Pack is made to match any local butcher website you might have in the pipeline. Each one of the layouts includes high-quality images and a page structure that’ll help you connect with visitors in no time.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#95 - Hardware Store Layout Pack

Layouts In This Pack (7)

#96 - Video Game Layout Pack

The Video Game Layout Pack is ready to take your gaming website to the next level. It includes amazing illustrations, a dark color palette and some of Divi’s finest design combinations. In other words; this layout pack will undeniably do justice to any website you decide to create.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

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#97 - Furniture Store Layout Pack

Layouts In This Pack (8)

#98 -Day Spa Layout Pack

The Day Spa Layout Pack is sure to attract all those browsing for an exciting excape to a day spa. The design evokes comfort and relaxation with soft colors an striking imagery. Plus, you have everything you need to set up an online spa business, including unique layouts for showcasing services, listing price packages, booking appointments, and more.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#99 - Physical Therapy Layout Pack

The Physical Therapy Layout Pack is made for you to share all the important physical therapy information you have in an elegant and modern way. On top of all the layouts you get, you’ll also find free high-quality images that are unique to the layout pack as well.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

#100 - Investment Company Layout Pack

The Investment Company Layout Pack is professionally crafted to promote financial services, resources, and portfolios. It even has a dedicated page to inform visitors of your business process. Plus, all the custom icons and images are free for your to use as well.
Layouts In This Pack (7)

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