At the moment Dan Mossop, the developer of the Divi Booster plugin, is adding even more functionality, making a few tweaks and generally getting everything ready for the big release.

The plugin is scheduled to be available from Tuesday 10th Feb 15 and will have an initial price of $15 with a 35% discount to anyone who signs up to Dan’s mailing list.

Dan was kind enough to let me have a pre release copy, which I’ve been playing with, and whilst we’re waiting for the plugin to be released I thought that I’d share my top three features of this fabulous plugin.

My Affiliate Links Disclosure

Hi everyone. Just to let you know that many of the links on this site are my affiliate links. What that means is that if you click one of them and buy something… I get a commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra so I hope that you will use my links.

#1 – Footer links: time to finally tame those pesky footer links

Choosing my #1 feature was easy, being able to edit the Divi footer links without messing with code in your footer.php.

There are some great tutorials out there showing you how to edit the footer links, such as Brad Dalton’s post Change Footer Links & Style Social Icons, but you have to edit your footer.php file and for the non-coder… that can be daunting.

divi booster footer links feature

The Divi booster allows you to add your links in an expandable box, in the form of text, hrml or a combination of text and html without going anywhere near your footer.php.

In the screenshot above I’ve used a mixture of text and html to give me clickable links. I’ve also centred the links by clicking the check box above the link info box.

Once you’ve added your link info all you have to do is click the check box and then hit Save and you’re all done… those pesky footer links tamed at last.

Easily revert back to your default theme settings

With the Divi Booster you can easily revert back to your theme defaults by simply unchecking the appropriate check box.

That means that you can have a little fun and play around knowing that you can easily restore your theme to its default settings. You don’t even have to remove all the content you’ve added – just uncheck the box!

#2 – Sidebar: set the width of your sidebar with a simple slider control

My #2 feature is the Sidebar customisation which so many Divi users are going to be doing the happy dance about.

Increasing the width of the sidebar is what lots of Divi users want to do and now with the ability to set the width using a simple slider control… you can tweak it to your hearts content.

divi booster sidebar feature

The Sidebar feature has four settings which you activate by clicking the check boxes and then adding your own settings. As with all the Booster settings, if you uncheck the boxes the default theme / Module settings are restored.

The settings you can customise are:

  • Sidebar background color – allows you to set the background colour of your sidebar.
  • Hide dividing line – removes the line between the sidebar and the main content.
  • Add floating sidebar area – lets your sidebar widgets remain on display when your users scroll down the page.
  • Adjust sidebar width – gives you complete control over the width of your sidebar.

Divi Booster adds more than 50 configuration options to Divi

The Divi Booster plugin boosts your Divi theme website by allowing you to apply bug fixes, add custom CSS, customise Divi Modules, add Pagebuilder functionality to posts and much much more.

Divi Booster adds more than 50 configuration options to Divi , it won’t slow down your site and is incredibly easy to use. For a full review check out my post Divi Booster plugin: the easy way to customise Divi.

#3 – Gallery Module: organise the display of your images in grid view

Under the Modules tab of the Booster there are eight Divi Modules that you can customise. The Modules are: Accordion, Blurb, Gallery, Map, Pricing Table, Slider, Subscribe and Text.

The Module that I’ve chosen as my #3 feature is the Gallery Module because I see so many people in the Divi community asking how to change the default layout of this Module.

divi booster gallery module feature

The Gallery Module feature has three settings, which allow you to completely customise how your Image Gallery Module images are displayed when using grid view.

The settings you can customise are:

  • Grid layout default image sizes – adjusts the size and spacing of the images in your thumbnail grid, when using the Image Gallery Module in grid view.
  • Grid layout border colour – adds a border to images in the Image Gallery Module in grid view.
  • Centre the images in grid view thumbnails – centres the images in the Image Gallery Module in grid view.

Divi Booster plugin – what is it exactly?

The Divi Booster has grown out of my work helping people solve their trickiest Divi customization problems. Many of these problems have come from smart people who know some CSS and are often already using CSS Hero. As such the problems I’ve been solving are typically ones which require a deeper knowledge of and control over Divi than CSS Hero (or anything else) can offer.

Most of the fixes use a combination of CSS, JavaScript and PHP to achieve the desired effect. Divi Booster wraps these complex fixes into one easy-to-use plugin, so anyone can apply these fixes to their site regardless of their coding abilities (or lack of).

Dan Mossop – Divi Booster developer

Get a whopping 35% discount on the Divi Booster plugin

If you’re a Divi theme user and you’d like to customise your site using the Divi Booster then head over to Dan’s site, subscribe to his mailing list and he’ll send you a notification when it’s released. The plugin is scheduled to be available from the 10th Feb 15 and will have an initial price of $15 with a 35% discount to anyone who signs up to Dan’s mailing listso what are you waiting for!

You can install it on all of your own sites and on all of your client’s sites and with free updates for life you’ll get all the new options as soon as they’re added!

Can I use it on more than one site? What about my clients’ sites?

Yes! Divi Booster is licensed for personal and developer use on unlimited sites. This means you can install it on any or all of your own sites, and on any or all of your client’s sites. But please don’t share your copy of Divi Booster with others, or make it available online.

I hope that you enjoyed the post and if you have any thoughts about which of the the Divi Booster features would be included in your top three, please leave a comment and if you’d like to spread the word about this fabulous plugin, please use my social sharing icons below.

My thanks and gratitude to Dan Mossop for producing such a great plugin and letting me have a pre release copy, which allowed me to have a lot of fun playing with it and to produce this post.

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