Congratulations, you’ve just bought the Divi theme and you’re all set to create the website that you’ve always promised yourself.

But then what?

A few sites for relatives and friends, maybe the odd site for non-profits that you’re associated with?

I guess that’s what most people do after they’ve bought Divi, and that’s fine, but you’ve just bought the best drag and drop page builder theme on the planet… and you could be doing so much more.

Today I’m going to share with you what Geno Quiroz did after he bought the Divi theme.

Hopefully it will give you a few ideas, provide you with inspiration and open your eyes to the power of Divi.

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What Geno Quiroz did after he bought the Divi theme

Geno lives in Marina, California and he’s the owner and founder of Monterey Premier. He’s also one of the most liked and respected figures in the Divi community.

Geno has always had a passion for web design but through circumstances he was forced to move into web design freelancing and the rest is history.

But rather than read my account of Geno’s story, let Geno tell it in his own words:

That’s one inspirational story: from nine to five to freelance web designer with a little help from Elegant Themes, Divi and the Divi community.

Here are a few important points from Geno’s story:

  • Divi was a gamechanger – with its simple drag-and-drop interface, Divi opened up the world of web design to non-coders. No longer do you need to learn HTML, CSS and PHP before you can create a website – Divi does all the heavy lifting for you.
  • No more looking for other themes – there was a time when you agreed a site layout with a client and then hunted for a theme that would give you that layout. If you couldn’t find one, you picked one that gave you the best fit!
    Those days are gone because Divi allows you to create just about any layout that you can think of, and add all the functionality that you’ll ever need. That allows you to concentrate on just one theme and become really good at using it.
  • Amazing Divi community – since its release in December 2013, the number of Divi users has grown like crazy and from those users a fabulous community has evolved.
    There are now Divi self-help Facebook groups, dedicated Divi websites and Divi enthusiasts producing plugins, child themes and tutorials. All of which make it easy to find help with Divi related problems.

We may not all have Geno’s passion and drive but we all have access to what Geno calls “…a gamechanger.” the Divi theme.

A gamechanger because it allows you to create just about any site layout that you can think of and add the functionality you need, without touching a single line of code.

A Web Designer’s Dream
Divi is the ultimate tool for web designers. Hundreds of thousands of WordPress freelancers and agencies are empowered by Divi to help run their growing businesses.

So now you know what to do… after you’ve bought the Divi theme

I can’t tell you exactly what to do after you’ve bought Divi but hopefully sharing Geno’s story has given you a few ideas and convinced you that you can do just about anything.

You can build that one-off site that you’ve always dreamt about, you can build sites for friends, relatives and non-profits or you can go the whole hog and start your own web design business.

Whatever you choose to do Divi’s drag-and-drop no-coding interface will make life so much easier and if you do have trouble, the Divi community will be right there to help.

To help you get moving, here are three links to useful Divi related resources:

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