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Page Builder plugins and lightning fast themes

Page Builder plugins and lightning fast themes

Most of us want two things from our websites: we want to be able to easily add content and functionality and we want them to be lightning fast.

Easily add content and functionality because most of us can’t code, beyond a little html and CSS, and we don’t want that to stand in the way of our creativity.

Lightning fast because we know that pagespeed helps with both visitor retention and ranking well in the SERPS.

What we really need is the combination of a drag-and-drop Page Builder and a lean, mean theme that has been designed with pagespeed in mind … so why don’t we do exactly that?

In this post I’ll show you how easy it is to combine a Page Builder plugin with a lightning fast theme.
It’s a combination that will give you both Page Builder functionality and fast load times and it also avoids the annoying issue of theme lock.
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Divi Builder Contact Form Module Vs Elementor Pro Form Widget

Divi Builder Contact Form Module Vs Elementor Pro Form Widget

No matter what sort of website you’re running, I bet you’ve got at least one contact form.

Your form may be fairly simple with just Name, Email and Message fields or it may be all singing all dancing with Textareas , Dropdown lists, Checkboxes, Radio buttons and a Spam filter / HoneyPot field.

In the old days we had to turn to third party plugins to produce our forms but the modern Page Builders make it easy to create your own.

In this post, I’ll take a look at the form building capabilities of the Divi Builder Contact Form Module and the Elementor Pro Form Widget.

I’ll look at their features, check out their ease of use and I’ll recommend when to use each.
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Elementor – young pretender or serious contender

Elementor – young pretender or serious contender

Those of you who are regular visitors to this website will know that when it comes to page builders, I’m a Divi man through and through.

On this site I use the Divi theme, which has the Divi Builder built in and on my Genesis child theme website I use the Divi Builder plugin.

But recently social media has been buzzing about a new drag-and-drop page builder, one that doesn’t use shortcodes and comes with both a free and premium version and the name of the new kid on the block is… Elementor.

In this post I’ll take a close look at Elementor, check out its features, put it through its paces and decide if it’s a young pretender or serious contender.
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Create a stunning homepage with just four Divi Modules

Create a stunning homepage with just four Divi Modules

If you take a look at my homepage you’ll see that it’s made up of four main Modules: a Fullwidth Header Module, several Text Modules, several Blurb Modules and two Call To Action Modules.

There are a few other Modules, but the essential ones that are needed to create a good looking page that attracts visitors, provides information and is ranked well by the Search Engines, are the four above.

In this post I’ll explain what each of these Modules does, why it’s needed and suggest alternatives Modules that you can use to provide the same function.
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Divi theme: now by Royal Approval

Divi theme: now by Royal Approval

Do you ever wonder what sort of folks use the Divi theme?

Non-coders use it because it allows them to get creative with their web design using the drag-and-drop Divi Builder interface and without touching a single line of that nasty code.

Developers and website design businesses use it because it saves them time and money by allowing them to streamline their workflow.

But I bet you never guessed that the British royal family are using Divi!

That’s right, this week I discovered that HRH Prince Michael of Kent GCVO uses the Divi theme and in this post I’ll take a quick look at his website and point out a couple of features.
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