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Divi theme: the complete guide to Divi Modules

Divi theme: the complete guide to Divi Modules

We all use them… contact forms, sliders, newsletter opt-ins, portfolios and all the other bits and pieces that add creativity and essential functionality to your website.

With most WordPress themes, you have to add them using plugins or pay a developer to add them for you.

With the Divi theme you can forget about plugins and developers because Divi comes with Modules, which allow you to add just about anything you can think of.

At the moment, there are forty one Divi Modules, and I say at the moment because when I first published this article… there were twenty.

That means that this post won’t be “the complete guide to Divi Modules” for very long, but don’t worry because I’ll keep updating it.
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Divi theme – why you should be using Divi in 2017

Divi theme – why you should be using Divi in 2017

They do say that the web never sleeps but not only does it never sleep, it constantly changes, evolves and reinvents itself.

And that’s why you should be using a WordPress theme that keeps up with these changes and allows you to take advantage of cutting edge developments.

To keep you up to date and to make sure that you have the latest WordPress resources at your fingertips, Elegant Themes have set out a five-point plan to make Divi the “theme to beat” in 2017.

In this post, I’ll run through their 2017 initiatives and provide you with a few links, which will help you keep up with developments.
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So you’ve bought the Divi theme… now what?

So you’ve bought the Divi theme… now what?

Congratulations, you’ve just bought the Divi theme and you’re all set to create the website that you’ve always promised yourself.

But then what?

A few sites for relatives and friends, maybe the odd site for non-profits that you’re associated with?

I guess that’s what most people do after they’ve bought Divi, and that’s fine, but you’ve just bought the best drag and drop page builder theme on the planet… and you could be doing so much more.

Today I’m going to share with you what Geno Quiroz did after he bought the Divi theme.

Hopefully it will give you a few ideas, provide you with inspiration and open your eyes to the power of Divi.
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Divi theme, Page Speed and Search Engine Optimisation

Divi theme, Page Speed and Search Engine Optimisation

Since its release in December 2013, Divi has not only become Elegant Themes’ bestselling theme, it’s also become one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time.

And it’s easy to see why.

Divi allows you to create the website of your dreams, without touching a single line of code, using the drag-and-drop interface of the Divi Builder.

You can use the Divi Builder in your WordPress dashboard or on the actual pages of your website and the result is a site that is 100% responsive and looks good on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

But just a minute, aren’t drag-and-drop themes bloated with code, which leads to slow load times and doesn’t that have an impact on your search engine optimisation results?

The quick answer is that Divi is in no way bloated with code, this Divi site is one of my fastest loading sites and my SERPS results knock spots off most of my competitors.
For a more detailed answer read on dear friends… read on.
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Divi / Elegant Themes – Get 10% off now!

Divi / Elegant Themes – Get 10% off now!

You may have missed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Divi / Elegant Themes offers, but don’t worry because here at divithemeUK we have a permanent 10% off discount.

The deal applies to both new memberships (Developer license only) and account upgrades and you can take advantage of it anytime you like.

Membership covers access to Elegant Themes’ entire collection of Themes, including their flagship theme Divi, and they offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re looking to take out a new membership or upgrade your existing membership, then all you have to do is click the big green buttons below and receive your 10% discount.
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