Let me start with a confession, I’ve called this post “Divi theme version 2.0: the complete review” but Divi 2.0 has so many new features that there’s no way a single post could be “…the complete review”.

Divi 2.0 now has three unique Section types, twenty Column structures, and thirty three Modules, so rather than try to cover everything I’m going to cherry pick and highlight my top five game changing features.

Last year we launched Divi 1.0, and it quickly became our most popular theme. In fact, it is now used more than all of our other themes combined. The day after Divi 1.0 was released, our team set out to expand upon our most powerful and flexible theme ever. With a grand total of 3 unique section types, 20 column structures, and 33 robust modules, we are extremely proud and excited to finally introduce Divi 2.0.
Nick Roach – Elegant Themes

An introduction to Divi 2.0 by Nick Roach from Elegant Themes

As an introduction to Divi 2.0 Nick Roach of Elegant Themes has produced a short video, which sets out the motivation behind Divi and covers some of the new features.

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Hope you find them useful when building your Divi website.

Divi 2.0 feature #1 – complete upgrade to the Divi Drag & Drop Page Builder

The Divi Page Builder is the powerhouse behind the Divi theme and for Divi 2.0 it looks as though it’s been ripped apart, awesome features added and then lovingly put back together again.

The new features that caught my eye are: the ability to duplicate a module, row or section, and the introduction of a Specialty Section that introduces 9 new column structures.

This Elegant Themes video covers both of the new features:



Let’s take a closer look at those two cool new features:

The Clone Tool

With the Clone Tool you now have the ability to duplicate any element along with all of its settings, which is perfect for creating multiple modules that share common properties.

Specialty Sections

Specialty Sections are an awesome new addition. They give you additional levels of vertical division, that allow you to place columns within columns. These are especially useful for creating dynamic sidebar layouts.

Divi 2.0 feature #2 – Header and Navigation options using the Divi Customiser

I don’t know if you’ve ever used the Divi Customiser, but you will do… when you see what it allows you to do to your Header and Navigation.



Some slick, powerful and great looking customisation there so let’s review what you can now do to your Header and Navigation.

Header Options

With Divi 2.0’s header options you can now choose the colour of your header and the placement of your logo, add an accent bar for social and contact information and choose between horizontal and vertical navigation. Divi 2.0 has also introduced a new secondary navigation location.

Vertical Navigation

You now have the option to display your navigation as vertical. Choosing this setting will place your navigation on the left-hand side of your page.
Combining vertical Navigation with the new header options allows you to create unique websites that look and feel completely different from each other.

Centred Logo

You can now choose to have your logo centred above your navigation items. This option is useful for larger logos and primary navigation that has a lot of menu items.

Boxed Layout

You can choose to contain your website in a boxed layout and with this setting enabled, you can define a website background photo, colour, or pattern.

Divi 2.0 feature #3 – create stunning landing pages using the Blank page template

No need for a plugin when you want to create your landing pages. Divi 2.0 allows you to create standalone Landing Pages without menus using the blank page template option. This option removes the header and footer areas from the page.

Standalone pages can be used for sales landing pages, maintenance mode pages, countdown/coming-soon pages, and whatever else you can think of.



Using the Blank Page option couldn’t be easier:
When you create a new page go to the box to the right of your text editor called “Page Attributes”. In this box look for the “Template” option and from the dropdown menu select the “Blank Page” option.

Once you update your page, your header and footer will be removed leaving you with the perfect canvas to create your landing page.

Divi 2.0 feature #4 – a choice of six Blog Post Formats

When you write a blog post you can choose from six different post formats. Article, Video, Audio, Quote, Gallery and Link. Each of them structures your post differently, putting more focus on the type of content that the format represents.



When you write a blog post go to the box to the right of your text editor called “Format.” Within this box are the 6 format options. Choose “Standard” if you want a normally-formatted blog post. Each of the other options has a unique design associated with the format type.

Video Post Format

The Video post format places a video at the top of your post. It also replace the standard Thumbnail image on index pages with a video embed. Divi 2.0 will automatically use the first video in your post as your format video.

Audio Post Format

The Audio post format displays an audio player on your post. It also replaces the standard Thumbnail image on index pages with your audio player. The audio player will play the first audio file that you embed into your post.

Quote Post Format

The Quote post format displays a stylised quote at the top of your post. The quote also replaces the standard Thumbnail image on all index pages. Once selected, the Quote post format will use the first Blockquote in your post as the quote content.

Gallery Post Format

The gallery post format displays a gallery of images at the top of your post. It also replaces the standard Thumbnail image on all index pages with an image slider. Once selected, the Gallery post format will use the first gallery that you added to your post.

Link Post Format

The Link post format creates a stylised link and adds it to the top of your post. This is great for sharing short pieces of information with your readers. Once selected, the link post format uses the first link in your post as the main link URL.

Divi 2.0 feature #5 – fabulous documentation including Video Tutorials

It’s obvious that Elegant Themes have spent a lot of time making sure that Divi is well documented and easy to use. With 50 tutorials, each with full length video walkthroughs accompanied by full length articles, everything you need to know about Divi can be found in one place.

This is a sample “how to” video showing how to use the SocialFollow Module:



Even a great theme is no good without excellent documentation and with Divi 2.0 Elegant Themes have produced information in both text and video format to make setting up and using Divi an absolute and complete delight.

Follow this link to see the complete list of Divi 2.0 documentation and videos.

Divi 2.0 feature #6 – all the other fabulous features that I’ve had to leave out

I’ve given you my top five Divi 2.0 features, but you may have picked five completely different ones so here are all the others you could have picked from:

  • Fully Responsive – however you view it, your website will look great. All of Divi’s new features and modules have been built with responsiveness in mind.
  • Stunning Projects & Portfolios – Divi’s portfolio modules allow you to show off your work anywhere on your site in a variety of new ways. You can even build your project pages with the builder.
  • Fullwidth Portfolio – your portfolios can take advantage of Divi’s Fullwidth Sections. Your fullwidth portfolios can be displayed in a fluid grid or horizontal carousel.
  • Filtered Portfolio – with the filterable portfolio, users can view a grouping of projects from a selected category.
  • WooCommerce Ready – Divi has what you need to get an online store up and running in no time. Elegant Themes have included a couple of new pre-made store layouts in Divi 2.0, and the store module lets you sell anywhere on your site.
  • Modules for your Business website – Divi’s wide range of business savvy modules let you easily create serious yet modern looking business designs.
  • Gorgeous Blog Layouts – Divi comes with various blog layouts to choose from and using Divi’s builder you can place blog posts anywhere within your website.
  • Pre-Made Layouts – Divi 2.0 comes with a completely new set of Pre-Made Layouts. Elegant Themes have made sure that these layouts are a great starting point for anyone who wants to use Divi to build their website.
  • Save and Load Layouts – if you want to use a layout in another area of your site, you can choose to save your layout and load it into any other page.
    You can even export your saved layouts for use on a completely different website as long as it’s using the Divi Theme.
  • 33 Robust Modules – Divi Modules allow you to add great functionality to your website and for Divi 2.0 Elegant Themes have added new Modules and updated many of the old classic Modules.
  • Image Gallery – create a collection of images without having to make projects and portfolios. Clicking on an image will open up a full sized lightbox and you can even choose to show your gallery as an image slider.
  • Audio Player – sharing audio looks great in Divi 2.0. You can even upload album or track art to be displayed next to the Divi audio player.
  • Login Field – if you’re using WordPress as a membership system, then adding a login form directly to a page is a must have feature. Now you don’t need to send your members or contributors to the WordPress login form, you can use your own branded form instead.
  • Animated Counters – Elegant Themes have added two more Counter Modules to the list. Animated pie charts and number counters are a fun way to inform and engage your visitors.
  • Countdown Timer – fabulous for letting your visitors know when something is going to be launched or an event is going to happen.
  • Person Module – allows you to highlight your clients, your customers and/or your company team members.
  • Accordion – similar to the toggles module, this is a great way to consolidate information. As you open a toggle, the active one closes.
  • Map – a great way to let visitors know where you are. The map module is also compatible with Divi’s Fullwith Sections.
  • Social Media Follow – Social media is more important than ever and it is important that you are able build your social following. You can even choose your shape and colours.
  • Fullwidth Menu – place navigation menus anywhere on your page, great for adding a secondary menu further down your page.
  • Subscribe Form – the Subscribe Module now supports MailChimp, AWeber, and Feedburner.
  • Blurbs and ElegantIcons – Divi Blurbs now harness the full power of the Elegant Themes ElegantIcon pack. Choose from over 350 icons to use in your Blurbs either above or to the left of your content.
  • Testimonials – add a testimonial portrait image, choose your background colour, and define the attributor’s position and company name.
  • Contact Form – Contacts Forms have undergone a layout update that is more responsive and visually compatible with other modules.
  • Images lightbox – choose whether or not your images will open in a Lightbox when clicked. If enabled your images will “zoom in” to their full size when clicked inside a modal window.

Divi.2.0 Lifetime and Developer discount deals

This special discount on Elegant Themes Lifetime and Developer membership is a celebration of Divi 2.0 and it began on May 21st, 1:00 p.m. PDT and will be available for one month until June 21st.

The offers are:

Discount deal #1 – 10% off Lifetime Membership

Discount deal #2 – 20% off Developer Membership

No need for any coupon codes all you have to do is click on one of the two specific links in this box and you’ll be taken straight to your sizzling offer.

These offers are only available via links from a limited number of selected sites.

Pick up your copy of Divi 2.0… and prepare to be amazed

Divi is already the most popular theme that Elegant Themes have ever produced in fact as Nick Roach says…
“it is now used more than all of our other themes combined.”

The release of Divi 2.0 looks set to take that existing popularity and blast it through the stratosphere.

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that allows you to create unlimited page layouts and add functionality that you thought was only available to WordPress developers and all via a drag and drop interface, then sign up with Elegant Themes, download your copy of Divi and start creating today.

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.
Nick Roach – Elegant Themes

Hope that you enjoyed the post and I hope that my post has lived up to its title… “Divi 2.0 by Elegant Themes – the complete review.”
If you have any thoughts about the new Divi 2.0 features please leave a comment and if you’d like to spread the word about this fabulous theme please use the social icons below.

My thanks and gratitude to Elegant Themes for the graphics, videos and details of the Divi 2.0 theme used in this post.

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